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RV Park and Campground Injury Lawyers in Clearwater

Injured in an RV Park? Ask Our Attorneys for Help.

Florida is a favored destination of snowbirds and retirees looking for a warm and sunny location to spend their golden years. While some choose to set down roots in retirement communities, others set up a home base within an RV. However, no one wants to spend too much of their time driving—so retirees often settle at RV parks for weeks or even months at a time while they enjoy the local scenery. Aside from providing necessities such as parking, tent sites, and dump stations, RV parks may offer amenities such as:

  • WiFi
  • Electrical hookups
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Playground equipment
  • Stores or cafes
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dog parks
  • Clubhouses and game/recreation equipment

For travelers who still enjoy a bit of luxury, RV parks offer the perfect combination of convenience and flexibility. They are also responsible for providing safety to all visitors. If the owners or managers of an RV park fail to maintain the property, unsuspecting vacationers may end up seriously injured.

Dangers in RV Parks

Made to be family-friendly, most campgrounds and RV parks are careful to employ protective measures around known dangers. However, as with all outdoor commercial properties, a fair amount of maintenance is required to prevent new hazards from forming. Here are some ways visitors may be injured.

Wet, Slippery Floors

Spilled liquids and gels can, even in small amounts, create a slip-and-fall hazard for anyone who hits the wrong patch of flooring. Often, these accidents are associated with stores, restaurants, and cafes, where food spillage can create a hazard. This can happen in an RV park just as well as a store in the middle of town, so owners and janitorial staff should stay alert. However, shower facilities may be an even bigger threat.

Designed to accommodate large groups, shower buildings are often continually in use, resulting in puddles of water and spilled toiletry and cosmetic products. While guests can anticipate a shower building may be slippery, RV park owners can also do their part to keep them safe by establishing a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule and providing features like non-slip mats that elevate visitors above hazardous spills.

Poor Lighting

Inside and out, an RV park should make sure walkways and paths are properly lit so people can see any obstacles or dangers. From a misplaced piece of equipment to a tree root that’s ended up in the middle of a trail, minor hazards can cause walkers to trip and fall. Especially because Florida’s RV parks have so many elderly visitors, owners should consider the high risks related to a fall. These accidents can lead to hospitalization or even permanent disability.

Weather-Caused Hazards

In Florida, we’re no strangers to tropical storms and hurricanes. While you can’t hold an RV park liable for any damage a storm does to your vehicle, severe weather events can down power lines, rip trees out by their roots, and even weaken or destroy buildings. After such a destructive event, it’s a property owner’s duty to inspect the area for hazards and post warnings and/or arrange for repairs as soon as possible. If dangerous conditions persist and result in injury to unaware visitors, the RV park can likely be held liable.

Failure to Maintain Landscape

Storms can also cause damage to sidewalks and curbs, as can heavy traffic by large vehicles like RVs. Along with properly lighting sidewalks, park owners should make sure there are no bumps, potholes, or other abnormalities that could cause someone to trip. Curbs should be brightly marked so even those with low vision do not hit or stumble over them. Crumbling curbs can also be dangerous, so any property owner should make sure curbs are constructed with strong materials and reinforced as necessary.

Defective or Broken Playground or Recreation Equipment

Having access to community amenities like playgrounds, billiards, cornhole, and other fun family or group activities is one of the benefits of staying at an RV park. Before lending out equipment or letting visitors into exclusive areas, the park owner should ensure everything is safe to be used. When broken equipment or dangerous play areas cause an injury, your option for restitution may rest with a property manager who failed to keep up with maintenance or with an equipment manufacturer who sold shoddy gear. Either way, make sure you protect your right to recover compensation for your injuries.

Representing Injured RV Park Visitors

Having your relaxing stay in an RV park ruined by an unexpected and preventable accident shouldn’t result in further disruption to your life. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a scenario, we encourage you to reach out to our attorney team. In a free evaluation, we can consider the details of your accident to determine whether you’re eligible to file a claim for compensation.

Medical bills can add up quickly, and especially when you’re living in an RV, you may need extra accommodations for your recovery. If another party’s negligence caused your accident, you deserve financial support during this time. Reach out to Roman & Gaynor today for help with your injury case.

Our attorneys can help the victims of RV park accidents in and around Clearwater. Call us at (727) 877-1212 or reach out online to schedule your free consultation.

We Have Recovered Over $95 Million for Our Clients

  • $4,356,000 Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injury Victim
    Client was rear-ended with great force by an employee of Mercedes Benz of Melbourne on a rural highway in South Florida. The collision was so powerful that three cars were totally destroyed and the client was rendered unconscious. The Client sustained multiple fractures to her arm and ribs, damage to her shoulder and she sustained brain damage. The jury deliberated almost four hours at the conclusion of a six day trial in Brevard County, Florida.
  • $2,700,000 Verdict for Truck Accident Victim
    After a six day trial, a Pasco County Jury awarded our clients $2,161,000.00 for wife and $631,900.00 for husband. The wife sustained a head injury and had a spine surgery. The husband injured his hands, shoulder and knee.
  • $1,450,000 Settlement for Injured Pedestrian
    Roman & Gaynor sued our client's car insurance company when they refused to take her fractured pelvis seriously. After being pinned between 2 cars in a parking lot, she could not walk normally or return to work. This jury verdict is more than 10 times the amount of the policy she sought, and her insurance company refused to pay, after her injury. State Farm later settled her bad faith claim and Roman & Gaynor collected the excess judgment.
  • $1,175,000.00 Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injury Victim
    $1,175,000.00: A New Port Richey man was injured in a motor vehicle collision when his work van was hit and flipped over, causing him to be ejected from his vehicle, crushing his skull. Roman & Gaynor's investigation revealed that the work van was not equipped with operable seatbelts. A lawsuit against his employer, who was responsible for the maintenance of the work van, resulted in a $1,175,000.00 settlement.
  • $850,000.00 Settlement for Husband & Wife
    A Pasco County couple were seriously injured in a rear end collision in Pasco County. After spinal surgeries, Roman & Gaynor successfully negotiated a global settlement in the amount of $850,000 which assisted this couple in rebuilding their lives.
  • $836,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision
    Our clients, a 56 and 58 year old couple from Pasco County, were stopped for a red light in Tampa when they were rear ended by a distracted driver. Both husband and wife suffered herniated discs as a result of this accident which resulted in 4 spinal surgeries. The at fault party’s insurance carrier asserted a low impact defense, and asserted that our client suffered from these injuries prior to the accident. After protracted litigation, and just 2 months prior to trial, Roman & Gaynor secured a $836,000 settlement in favor of this couple.
  • $820,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision
    After a year of litigating a case the Defendant never took seriously, Roman & Gaynor negotiated this settlement just to days before trial for a young lady with a spine injury. In this case, a relatively low impact collision led to more than one spinal surgery, including fusion.
  • $600,000.00 Jury Verdict for Accident Victim
    A St. Petersburg woman received a verdict of more than $600,000 for multiple injuries sustained in a car accident including a broken pelvis. We received the verdict at the end of a three-day trial. The Defendant was the driver of a truck who ran a red light.
  • $572,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision

    In 2017, a middle-aged man was rear-ended at a high-rate of speed on the highway. He sustained head, neck and back injuries but did not get any surgeries. We were able to obtain a tender of the policy limits of the at-fault driver but had to file a lawsuit for the underinsured motorist coverage. Seven months later, in 2019, we reached a settlement. We were able to recover a total of $572,000 for this client and his family from the insurance carriers to help them move forward.

  • $550,000.00 $550,000 Recovery for our Client

    A phantom vehicle made a left turn in the direct path of our client’s path of traveling causing him to take evasive action, causing him to strike a concrete utility pole. The force of the impact caused both airbags to deploy and the car engine came through the firewall and into our client’s dashboard and legs. Our client sustained serious lower extremity injuries, neck, and back injuries necessitating hospitalization, multiple surgeries, and extensive rehabilitation. Because the at fault driver fled the scene of the accident, we presented 2 uninsured motorists claims to our client’s uninsured motorist carriers. Demand for tender of the first uninsured motorist policy in the amount of $250,000 was made by our firm and was paid promptly. Second demand for the second Underinsured Motorist policy in the amount of $300,000 was made by our firm. This second insurance carrier denied coverage, based upon a UM rejection form signed by our client. Our firm determined that the UM selection form was fraudulently signed by our client’s car insurance agent. Our firm then filed a Civil Remedy Notice asserting fraud, and the insurance carrier promptly paid its $300,000 UM policy limit within the 60 day time period provided under the Civil Remedy Notice. This resulted in a total recovery of $550,000.00 for our client. A total victory for our client! Not all law firms check the validity of client signatures on UM selection forms. Our clients can be assured of this attention to detail for each and every case.

Reviews From Our Clients

  • “Prompt, aggressive, compassionate representation is exactly what I received.”

    The C Family

  • “Thank you everyone at Roman & Gaynor. You really took care of me.”

    Luis G.

  • “Agradezco toda su ayuda y con mucho gusto los seguire recomendando.”

    Maria S.

  • “Thank you for believing in me and my case and always providing sound guidance. ”

    Ryan H.

  • “Your firm cares about taking care of their people. I would refer them and use them again if needed.”

    Sultana M.

  • “There is nothing you can do to improve in our eyes.You and Grace are perfect.”

    Oscar L.

  • “Thanks for being there for me every step of the way!”

    Katie B.

  • “Mark, you and Grace were always very helpful and prompt in returning my calls.”

    Edward R.

  • “I feel the staff and handling of my case was impressive and extremely professional.”

    Loretta R.

  • “At a very low point in my life, Roman & Gaynor was very professional, protective, and patient with me. I appreciate and needed that.”

    Paula S.

  • “I can attest that your motto "We Really Care" and "Compassionate Justice" are not just mere words...”

    Kally F.

  • “I had experience with other law firms, but yours is different. We really feel that you humanly care.”

    Kheir B.

  • “We truly want to thank you for not only representing us but all of your help, guidance and friendship.”

    Harry & Ellie H.

  • “I cannot stress enough how professional, comfortable and relaxed I was at trial. ”

    James F.

  • “The expertise of this firm is wonderful.”

    Grace M.

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