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Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyers' Record of Success

Fielding a legal team comprised of seasoned Clearwater personal injury attorneys with nearly five decades of collective experience, Roman & Gaynor has demonstrated our legal dexterity by successfully handling a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases for a diverse set of clients.

Our versatility, commitment, and unwavering advocacy have proven instrumental in our recovery of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Take a moment to view our case results, and feel reassured knowing that we are intent on building upon our record of success.

*Past Results cannot predict future success.

$4,356,000.00 Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injury Victim - Car Accident

Client was rear-ended with great force by an employee of Mercedes Benz of Melbourne on a rural highway in South Florida. The collision was so powerful that three cars were totally destroyed and the client was rendered unconscious. The Client sustained multiple fractures to her arm and ribs, damage to her shoulder and she sustained brain damage. The jury deliberated almost four hours at the conclusion of a six day trial in Brevard County, Florida.

$2,700,000.00 Verdict for Truck Accident Victim

After a six day trial, a Pasco County Jury awarded our clients $2,161,000.00 for wife and $631,900.00 for husband. The wife sustained a head injury and had a spine surgery. The husband injured his hands, shoulder and knee.

$1,450,000.00 Settlement for Injured Pedestrian

Roman & Gaynor sued our client's car insurance company when they refused to take her fractured pelvis seriously. After being pinned between 2 cars in a parking lot, she could not walk normally or return to work. This jury verdict is more than 10 times the amount of the policy she sought, and her insurance company refused to pay, after her injury. State Farm later settled her bad faith claim and Roman & Gaynor collected the excess judgment.

$1,175,000.00 Verdict for Traumatic Brain Injury Victim

$1,175,000.00: A New Port Richey man was injured in a motor vehicle collision when his work van was hit and flipped over, causing him to be ejected from his vehicle, crushing his skull. Roman & Gaynor's investigation revealed that the work van was not equipped with operable seatbelts. A lawsuit against his employer, who was responsible for the maintenance of the work van, resulted in a $1,175,000.00 settlement.

$850,000.00 Settlement for Husband & Wife

A Pasco County couple were seriously injured in a rear end collision in Pasco County. After spinal surgeries, Roman & Gaynor successfully negotiated a global settlement in the amount of $850,000 which assisted this couple in rebuilding their lives.

$836,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision

Our clients, a 56 and 58 year old couple from Pasco County, were stopped for a red light in Tampa when they were rear ended by a distracted driver. Both husband and wife suffered herniated discs as a result of this accident which resulted in 4 spinal surgeries. The at fault party’s insurance carrier asserted a low impact defense, and asserted that our client suffered from these injuries prior to the accident. After protracted litigation, and just 2 months prior to trial, Roman & Gaynor secured a $836,000 settlement in favor of this couple.

$820,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision

After a year of litigating a case the Defendant never took seriously, Roman & Gaynor negotiated this settlement just to days before trial for a young lady with a spine injury. In this case, a relatively low impact collision led to more than one spinal surgery, including fusion.

$600,000.00 Jury Verdict for Accident Victim

A St. Petersburg woman received a verdict of more than $600,000 for multiple injuries sustained in a car accident including a broken pelvis. We received the verdict at the end of a three-day trial. The Defendant was the driver of a truck who ran a red light.

$520,000.00 Settlement in Auto Accident

A husband and wife were traveling 55 mph in the middle lane when they were suddenly side-swiped. Their vehicle sustained tremendous property damage to the driver’s side and the mirror had even ripped off the door. The at-fault driver fled the scene, but was later charged and arrested for a DUI. The insurance adjuster initially offered to settle the claim for a very minimal amount. The wife underwent neck surgery and the husband had back surgery. After operative reports were submitted to the adjuster, the policy limits of the at-fault party were tendered along with two underinsured motorist policies in this case for a total resolution of $520,000.

$425,000.00 Settlement After Semi Tractor Trailor Runs Client Off Road

Roman and Gaynor's client was driving on US-19 in Louisiana behind a Semi-truck with a trailer attached. After clipping the side of the clients car, the trailer came completely unhinged, causing a devastating collision, resulting in closed head injury. After protracted litigation, settlement was reached in the amount of $425,000.

$420,303.00 Verdict for Semi-Tractor Trailer Accident Victim

Roman & Gaynor obtained a $420,303 jury verdict in Hillsborough County for a woman who was involved in a multi-car accident caused by a semi-tractor trailer.

$410,000.00 Settlement in Waste Management Accident

A garbage truck belonging to Waste Management was driven on the wrong side of a double yellow line, around a bend in the road. Opposing traffic collided with each other causing several injuries to our clients, a husband and wife. The case settled just hours before the trial was to begin.

$407,000.00 Verdict in Parking Lot Accident

A client with prior neck complaints underwent spinal fusion after this Pasco County accident. The case was defended by claims that his injuries predated the accident, and that it was a minor impact.

$400,000.00 Settlement for Construction Accident Victim

There was no workers' compensation coverage for our client after he fell from a second story balcony. Our investigation revealed there were no safety precautions on the construction site. The client was a young father who was disabled after the fall.

$400,000.00 Settlement for our Client

A gentleman, whom we had represented before, was riding his Harley motorcycle when a truck turned left into his path. Our client struck the side of the pickup, was ejected and his motorcycle was totalled. Our client sustained a head injury, neck injury, facial fractures, rib fractures, and aggravation injuries to his shoulder and back. Our firm filed a lawsuit and the claim settled after mediation for $400,000.00.

$400,000.00 Settlement for our Client

A healthcare professional was involved in a crash which left her with a head injury and other non-surgical injuries. Our firm filed a lawsuit and her case settled prior to trial for $400,000.00.

$375,000.00 Settlement for Woman Injured in Car Accident

A Dunedin woman in her 50's was stopped in traffic when she was rear-ended by another vehicle which pushed her into the car in front of her. This impact totaled her vehicle and injured her neck, back, and head. She underwent an SI joint fusion surgery and needs further surgery to her neck. The insurance company dragged their feet on making an offer so Roman & Gaynor filed suit against the at-fault driver. The claim resolved at court-ordered mediation for $375,000.00.

$360,000.00 Settlement in Semi-Truck Accident Case

A pile up on Interstate 4 caused by a semi-truck resulted in a Largo man aggravating his previously injured neck and back. Such aggravation resulted in substantial wage loss. Roman & Gaynor secured a $360,000.00 settlement for this gentleman in addition to making the Defendant pay the workers' compensation lien.

$360,000.00 Settlement for Local Registered Nurse

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $360,000.00 settlement for a case involving a woman who was a Registered Nurse involved in a severe automobile collision in Pinellas County, Florida. She sustained a cervical spine injury and had shoulder surgery.

$350,000.00 Settlement for husband and wife rear-ended in an accident.

A husband and wife were rear-ended and pushed into a third car. Their vehicle sustained significant property damage but the insurance adjuster initially refused to believe the clients were injured due to this accident. The wife underwent hip surgery and the husband had neck surgery. After Roman & Gaynor pressured the insurance companies, we were able to obtain a tender of the policy limits of the at-fault party and two underinsured motorist policies in this case for a total resolution of $350,000.

$350,000.00 Semi-tractor trailer accident - $350,000 settlement

A returning client from Spring Hill contacted us after a semi truck ran a red light causing a high-impact T-bone collision with his vehicle as he attempted to turn left. The semi tractor trailer was carrying a load of in excess of 26,000 pounds, and the tractor trailer itself weighed in excess of 10,000 pounds. The truck driver was issued a citation, and our client was on the job while the accident occurred. He subsequently hired a workers’ compensation attorney. He suffered from traumatic neck pain that resulted in a cervical spine surgery including a fusion and the placement of an artificial disc. Roman & Gaynor presented a comprehensive settlement demand to the trucking company’s insurance carrier, resulting in a $350,000 settlement.

$335,000.00 Verdict for Injured Pedestrian

Roman & Gaynor Announces Jury Verdict – On January 26th, a jury of six in Pinellas County Circuit Court, delivered a $335,000 Jury Verdict in favor of our client. Client, who was standing in a parking lot, was struck by an elderly driver who pinned her against her own vehicle. There was no property damage to the vehicles but the client ultimately underwent spine surgery in her low back. The case was defended by claims that the client’s injuries were not caused by the event, that she had pre-existing spinal degeneration, that it was just a “bump,” and that the client was comparatively at fault. After a four-day trial in Pinellas County, the jury awarded the client a verdict of $335,000.00. Motions for the client to recover court costs and Attorney’s fees will be filed and determined by the Court.

$321,000.00 Verdict for Rear-End Collision Victim

As a result of the collision our client underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery and injured her spine. The defense argued that our client's medical condition was not caused by the collision. After a nearly one week trial, the Clearwater jury decided the injuries were caused by the defendants.

$318,000.00 Verdict in Lane Merge Collision Case

Our client was struck in a merge lane on her way to work. The collision aggravated a preexisting spine condition necessitating surgery. There were no witnesses.

$318,000.00 Verdict in Lane Merge Accident

We represented a Land O Lakes woman who was involved in a merge lane accident. She went on to have spine surgery and lost her job. The defense alleged she was at fault for the accident and disputed her injury and wage loss claims. Our firm tried the case and overcame these defenses, and the jury awarded her $318,000.

$300,000.00 Apartment Balcony Fall Resulted In $300,000 Settlement

The client lived in an apartment complex where multiple codes were being violated. The property owner failed to provide safe routes in and out of the apartment homes. The client was forced to walk along a slick pavement which was in ill repair, leading into her home. This was as a result of failed drainage. Because of this, the client slipped and fell off the balcony to the pavement below. Roman and Gaynor were able to point out the exact code violations and obtain the policy limit tender of $300,000.

$300,000.00 Settlement for a Rear-end accident

Donald A., a 45-year-old man was rear-ended by a pick-up truck. This crash caused significant damage to Donald’s vehicle and he injured his neck. His surgeon recommended surgery. We sent a demand of $236,500.00 to Geico who insured the at-fault driver. Geico kept stalling on responding to our demand and even hired a board-certified radiologist to review Donald’s MRI films. After two months of this, we filed suit. The defense hired two more orthopedic surgeons to examine our client. After mediation, we filed a proposal for settlement in the amount of $300,000.00 and the defense paid it.

$300,000.00 for woman rear-ended at a red light.

Palm Harbor woman was stopped at a red light and rear ended at a high rate of speed sustaining injuries to her neck, head and right arm. Her orthopedic surgeon recommended she undergo cervical surgery. Roman & Gaynor was able to obtain a tender of the at-fault party’s policy limits of $300,000 within six months.

$296,000.00 Rear end collisions result in neck injury requiring surgery - $296,000 Settlement

This case involved two successive impacts within seconds of each other. An Oldsmar man was stopped at a red light and rear-ended by a large commercial cargo van. After exiting the vehicle to survey the damage, he returned to the driver seat and was preparing to move the car off to the side of the road when a SUV behind the work van did not see the cars stopped and caused another violent rear-end collision. Our client suffered from a neck injury that required a single level discectomy and fusion. Operative reports were submitted to both bodily injury adjusters of the commercial company and the driver of the SUV, as well as the client’s underinsured motorist insurance carrier. There were recoveries from the at-fault parties along with the UM in this case for a total resolution of $296,000.

$290,000.00 Settlement for rear-end accident victim.

This client was in a work truck and was rear ended by another truck. He sustained an aggravation of pre-existing injuries to his shoulder, elbow and neck in additional to loss of wages. The insurance company did not believe this crash caused our client’s need for multiple surgeries. Roman & Gaynor filed a lawsuit and settled the case one month before trial for $290,000.

$275,000.00 Settlement in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Case

Our client, a 40 year old wife and mother, was diagnosed with RSD after an intersection collision. The case settled just prior to trial.

$275,000.00 Settlement in Nursing Home Death Case

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $275,000.00 settlement for the Estate of a woman who fell while in the care of a Clearwater nursing home. Roman & Gaynor's investigation revealed numerous other falls.

$275,000.00 Settlement for Woman Injured in Car Accident

A Tarpon Springs woman was southbound on U.S. Highway 19 when her vehicle stalled. She turned on her hazard lights to alert surrounding drivers of a problem but the defendant failed to notice them or her stopped vehicle ahead of him. The tremendous force of this impact caused our client’s vehicle to rotate to the center lane and rest facing the opposite direction. The crash was so severe it required the presence of the fire department to cut and extricate her from the car. In the emergency room she was assessed with sustaining a head injury, internal hemorrhage, solid and hollow organ injuries and neck, back, shoulder, and knee injuries. She underwent several imaging studies, injections, and sacroiliac joint fusion surgeries resulting in settlement recoveries of $275,000 from both the defendants policy limits as well as her own.

$270,000.00 Settlement for Bicycle Accident

Our client was seriously injured when, while riding his bicycle, when he was struck by a riding lawnmower and thrown to the ground. This gentleman sustained lacerations, hematomas, a fracture of the hand, cervical disc herniations, tears in both shoulders and in his knee. He ultimately required three surgeries to his extremities. Because the insurance company dragged its feet and would not provide a timely response to our demand, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client. A settlement of $270,000 was reached within two months after the order setting trial was signed.

$260,000.00 Spinal Surgery Results In $260,000 Settlement

$260,000 to client in accident caused by a careless driver with no proof of insurance After being rear-ended by a driver with no proof of insurance, Roman & Gaynor secured settlement in the amount of $260,000 post spinal surgery.

$250,000.00 Automobile Accident Settlement

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $250,000.00 settlement for a case involving a man who sustained a cervical spine injury necessitating surgery. There was no wage loss.

$250,000.00 Settlement in ATV Accident Case

Man was injured while operating a friend/co-worker's ATV on friend/co-worker's property. Roman & Gaynor alleged that the property owner failed to warn man of hazards on property, failed to maintain the riding course in a safe condition, and negligently supervised operation of ATVs on his property. Injuries included: A burst fracture of the L-1 spinal vertebrae necessitating emergency spinal surgery. There was a $300,000.00 policy limit as the insurance carrier was placed in bankruptcy and placed in jurisdiction of the State through FIGA.

$250,000.00 Settlement in Automobile Accident Case

Our client was a front seat passenger in a vehicle being driven by her spouse when the at-fault driver attempted to make a left turn in front of them. After sustaining serious neck and back injuries and the need for both cervical and lumbar surgeries, Roman & Gaynor negotiated a settlement.

$235,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision Case

Our client was rear-ended while stopped for a traffic signal. After consistent complaints of neck pain and conservative care, our client underwent cervical spine surgery which included instrumentation.

$225,000.00 in Pedestrian Wrongful Death Case

Roman & Gaynor's investigation revealed that this 2 am accident on US 19 was caused, in part, by a local cab company who was sued for wrongful death. Investigation revealed that pedestrian was intoxicated when she crossed the highway at a crosswalk after leaving a local bar. She was dressed in black.

$225,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision Case

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $225,000.00 settlement for a case involving a woman who sustained a cervical spine injury requiring fusion surgery.

$225,000.00 Settlement in T-Bone Collision

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $225,000.00 policy limit settlement for a case involving a young man who sustained a surgical shoulder injury.

$210,000.00 Settlement in 18-wheeler Rear End Collision

Our client was in the last car in a four-car rear-end collision caused by an 18-wheeler. He injured his neck and back and had back surgery. The case was complicated by an overlapping workers’ compensation injury just days before this accident. Our firm was able to negotiate a settlement of $210,000 for the client.

$200,000.00 Settlement for woman injured in a rear-end collision.

Woman was rear-ended and pushed into the car in front of her but sustained only minimal damage to her car. She eventually had surgery on her neck. Even with an extensive prior history of neck complaints, Roman & Gaynor were able to obtain a settlement of $200,000 from the insurance company.

$200,000.00 Automobile Accident Results in $200,000 settlement

Automobile Accident Results in $200,000 settlement Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $200,000 settlement for a case involving a man who sustained a lumbar spine injury necessitating surgery.

$200,000.00 Settlement in DUI Rear End Collision Case

After being rear ended at a high rate of speed by a DUI driver, our client’s vehicle rolled over onto the driver’s side. Our client was immediately taken to the nearest trauma center due to his serious injuries. He sustained left foot fractures and a severe shoulder tear which ultimately resulted in surgery.

$200,000.00 Settlement in Automobile Accident Case

Our client struck the at-fault vehicle when traveling in a median lane. The at-fault driver changed lanes and attempted to make a left turn when there was not turn lane. Our client sustained a compression fracture and several cervical disc herniations. After undergoing steroid injections and conservative treatment, cervical spine surgery was necessary.

$200,000.00 Settlement for Ohio Couple Involved in an Accident

An Ohio couple visiting Orlando was involved in a three car accident on a highway near Disney. The man suffered a brain injury and his wife suffered a knee injury, along with an aggravation of a prior low back condition. There were questions concerning fault for the accident between the three cars involved. Furthermore, because the couple had an Ohio car insurance policy, the court was faced with questions about whether to apply Florida or Ohio law. Our firm filed a lawsuit and ultimately settled both claims for a combined total of $200,000 prior to trial.

$200,000.00 Moped Accident Results In $200,000 Policy Limit Tenders

At fault driver ran a red light resulting in catastrophic collision with moped driver. Client spent 9 days in the hospital. Roman & Gaynor was able to obtain immediate $100,000 bodily injury policy limit tender which provided client with compensation to care for her family as a single mother. Thereafter, her insurance carrier tendered an additional $100,000 in Underinsured Motorist Coverage after Roman & Gaynor proved they did not have a valid signed UM selection/rejection form.

$190,000.00 Settlement for Head Injury Victim

Defendant was Alamo Rental Car. Prior to litigation, Alamo denied liability of this case stating that their rental car was stolen, and therefore, no coverage available. Litigation revealed evidence proving the car was not stolen.

$183,215.39 Distracted Semi Tractor Trailor Automobile Accident Resulting In Injury.

In December of 2013, Roman and Gaynor's client was victim to a distracted semi-truck driver on I-20. He sustained neck and back injuries, along with a close head injury. Settlement was reached after in the amount of $183,215.39

$180,000.00 Settlement for passenger injured in a T-bone accident.

A Florida man was a passenger in a T-bone accident which took place in Ohio. He sustained some internal injuries and a fracture to his femur which required surgical repair. After a lawsuit was filed in Ohio, the case settled at mediation for $180,000.

$175,000.00 Settlement for Car Accident / Spine Injury Victim

Out of pocket medical expenses were minimal at approximately $30,000.00. No wage loss.

$175,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision Case

Roman Gaynor represented a Palm Harbor woman who was rear-ended at a low rate of speed with limited property damage. She went on to have spine surgery but causation was further complicated by a history of previous surgeries on her spine. After the insurance company made a low offer on the claim, the firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client. A settlement was reached a few months before trial in the amount of $175,000.00.

$175,000.00 Rear End Collision Results In Cervical Discectomy

Client was rear ended at a high rate of speed resulting in cervical disc herniation requiring surgical discectomy. Settlement was reached for $175,000 post surgery.

$160,000.00 Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

Roman and Gaynor's client slipped and fell on a wet floor at retail store. She sustained injuries to her knees and ultimately had surgery. The store employees testified that they had put up wet floor warning signs. Our firm filed a lawsuit and ultimately settled the case at court-ordered mediation for $160,000.00.

$160,000.00 Staples Slip And Fall Accident Results In $160,000 Settlement

While shopping at Staples, the client followed a worker to find an item. Upon turning down the aisle, the employee removed the "wet floor" sign. When the client went to reach for the product, she slipped and fell. Roman and Gaynor were able to point out the company neglect to keep their premise safe for customers and the client was compensated in the amount of $160,000

$155,000.00 Settlement for Pinellas County Car Accident

We represented this man who sustained serious shoulder injury which required surgery from an auto accident that happened in Clearwater, Florida. Roman & Gaynor successfully negotiated settlement in the amount of $155,000 .

$155,000.00 Settlement in Intersection Accident

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a $155,000 settlement for a man who was involved in a intersection accident resulting in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

$155,000.00 Settlement for Slip and Fall Accident Victim

While working at a concession stand, our client slipped and fell in popcorn butter. Roman & Gaynor alleged that the employer had a duty to maintain the premises free from any hazard and they failed to do so. Our client suffered serious left wrist and hip injury which resulted in left hip and left wrist surgeries.

$150,000.00 Settlement in Rear End Collision Case

While stopped for traffic at an intersection, our client was forcefully rear ended. Our client was taken from the scene of the accident by ambulance to the emergency room. It was diagnosed that she suffered a serious neck and back injury. A cervical spine surgery was recommended by her treating orthopedic surgeon.

$150,000.00 DUI Accident Results In $150,000 Policy Limit Tender

As a result of an accident caused by a drunk driver, Roman and Gaynor's client suffered multiple serious injuries such as fractured bones, loss of teeth and the development of pulmonary embolism in his lungs. Roman and Gaynor were able to obtain all available insurance coverage for this loss totaling $150,000.

$150,000.00 Settlement in T Bone Collision Accident

While traveling down East Lake Road in Pinellas County, a Pasco county resident was T-Boned at 50 mph, causing serious shoulder injury which required surgical intervention. Roman & Gaynor obtained all available insurance coverage for this loss totaling $150,000.

$150,000.00 Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury

A 48 year old man was traveling through a green light when he was involved in a violent T-boned collision with a man who ran a red light. Witnesses on the accident report confirmed the defendant indeed had a solid red light. As a result of the tremendous impact, our client sustained injuries to his neck and back, but most unfortunately, an aggravation of his prior traumatic brain injury. A $150,000 settlement was obtained for this man just 4 months post accident.

$130,000.00 $130,000 Policy Limit Tenders to Tampa man injured in a Rear end collision.

Client was stopped at a red light and was rearended at a high rate of speed. Client had a pre-existing neck and low back injuries which required prior fusion surgeries. Client was asymptomatic at the time of this accident. This accident caused a serious aggravation of his pre-existing neck injury, resulting in cervical spine surgery. Roman & Gaynor was able to obtain all insurance policies available for this loss within 3 months, totaling $130,000.

$127,500.00 Failure To Yield Results In $127,500 Settlement

After the side of client's car had been slammed into, as a result of failure to yield, the client suffered both spine and brain injuries. The at-fault party attempted to settle with four different offers starting at $15,000. Roman and Gaynor did not stop rejecting the settlement offers until their client received what they deserved -- $127,500.

$125,000.00 Bicyclist Accident - US Highway 19

Client was injured when a motor vehicle failed to yield the bicyclist's right of way, resulting in rib fractures, and a collapsed lung. Client recovered very well and case was settled for $125,000.

$125,000.00 Accident Pinning Victim Between Two Cars

After being sandwiched between two cars as a result of a careless driver, Roman and Gaynor's secured $125,000 policy limits immediately.

$125,000.00 Injured Bicyclist - Results In $125,000 Policy Limits Tenders

At fault motor vehicle ran a stop sign, colliding with client's bicycle, throwing him to the ground. This resulted in multiple injuries. Roman & Gaynor quickly secured all policy limits available for this accident totaling $125,000.

$125,000.00 Rear End Collision Results In $125,000 Settlement

The client was injured when they had properly stopped to traffic ahead of them but the driver behind them failed to. Though settlement, Roman and Gaynor were able to secure $125,000 to the client.

$122,500.00 Verdict for client injured after an elderly man drove through his business.

Patron of a business was injured after an elderly man drove through the front wall of the business, knocking our client to the floor. There were multiple claimants and the insurance company would not agree to pay the majority to our client. We filed suit and ultimately obtained a $122,500 recovery in this case.

$110,000.00 Settlement in Pedestrian / Auto Accident Case

Our client as working and operating a garbage truck. After getting out of his truck to perform his job duties he was struck by a motor vehicle. At -fault driver failed to heed warnings and was driving to fast for the conditions. Such accident resulted in knee surgery and substantial wage loss. After filing suit, Roman & Gaynor negotiated a settlement in the amount of $110,000.

$100,000.00 Rear End Collision Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender.

After a serious accident involving Roman and Gaynor's client being rear-ended, they were able to reach full recompense of the $100,000 policy limit promptly for their client.

$100,000.00 Rear End Collision Results In $100,000 Settlement

On the drive home from a Spring Break family vacation on US Route1, a father was slowing down attempting to make a right turn. There were two cars following him at the time. The car immediately behind him slowed and maintained a safe distance. Unfortunately another driver did not, violently pushing the middle vehicle into the families’ 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. He was treated several days later with a group of physicians. The MRI findings concluded he had a permanent injury to his lumbar spine. He underwent a series of injections and RFA’s and ultimately had a trial spinal cord stimulator implant. The defendant’s insurance company settled for $100,000.

$100,000.00 Neck And Back Injuries Resulting From Car Accident Result In $100,000 Settlement

Due to an automobile accident, the client injured his neck and back. Settlement was reached with the at fault party for $100,000.

$100,000.00 Auto Accident Resulting In Ruptured Bicep Tendon

An accident caused by careless driving left our client with a ruptured bicep tendon which required surgery. Roman and Gaynor were able to secure there client the $100,000 policy limit after settlement.

$100,000.00 Failure To Yield Results In $100,000 Policy Limit Tender

Roman and Gaynor's client was a passenger in her husbands car when it was struck by a driver who neglected to properly yield. She sustained neck injury in this accident and Roman & Gaynor secured $100,000 policy limit promptly.

Wrongful Death of Disabled Child at Foster Home - Confidential Settlement

Roman & Gaynor negotiated a confidential settlement for the mother of a boy who drowned in the swimming pool of his foster care providers. The mother was led to believe that his needs were being met by "specialists." Tragically, the boy wandered into a swimming pool while his care provider fell asleep.

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