Truck Driver Errors

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There are many different things that can contribute to a major commercial truck accident. From defective safety equipment to malfunctions in the truck itself, numerous factors can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle they are driving. Unfortunately, many commercial truck accidents are caused by errors made by the truck driver. According to 2014 data collected by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 3,744 people died in truck accidents, while 88,000 suffered injuries. Below, we tell you about truck driver errors that commonly cause accidents.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

The main goal of a trucking company is to move the greatest amount of cargo in the shortest amount of time possible. Because of this goal, truck drivers will often overload or fail to properly secure their cargo to keep up their company deadlines. This type of error can create a dangerous situation for all drivers who are on the road, especially if the truck is travelling at normal highway speeds. Examples of improperly loaded cargo include:

  • Partially Loaded Cargo: Trucks that have partially loaded liquids can slosh back and forth when traveling. This movement can alter the vehicle’s center of gravity and can make the truck more likely to be involved in rollover accidents.
  • Unsecured Cargo: Loose cargo can sometimes fly into oncoming traffic. Unsecured cargo can also shift dangerously during transport, which might cause the truck to overturn.
  • Oversized or Overloaded Cargo: Drivers and their maintenance crews sometimes overload their vehicle with cargo to maximize their numbers. Although this can be caused by poor training, drivers who choose to overload the cargo in their truck can be found negligent if their actions cause an accident.

Driver Fatigue

When a truck driver becomes tired or drowsy, their reaction time is significantly slower and their decision making capabilities are weakened. Commercial truck drivers have to adhere to certain driving limits set by the FMCSA. Truck drivers can work a maximum of 14 hours a day and can drive for 11 hours a day. Truck drivers also have to be off work for 10 consecutive hours before they can start working another shift. Unfortunately, many truck drivers fail to meet these guidelines and end up driving while they are fatigued, ultimately leading to a deadly accident.

Drug & Alcohol Use

Although there are numerous explicit laws regarding operation of a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, many truck divers continue to work after they have consumed these substances. Drugs and alcohol can greatly reduce the reaction time and basic skills needed to control a commercial truck. Truck companies are supposed to test their drivers for drug and alcohol use before they are hired.

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