Clearwater Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Protecting the Rights of Injured Riders

Motorcycle crashed on country road

Statistically, motorcyclists are at a higher risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries during a traffic accident. According to traffic crash statistics published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were more than 8,600 motorcycle accidents throughout the state in 2011, more than 95% of which resulted in injuries or fatalities to riders and passengers.

In addition, many motorcycle accident injuries require serious and costly medical treatment, as riders and passengers have little protection against these damages. The need for full and fair compensation, therefore, is of the utmost importance during motorcycle accident claims. Our firm is prepared to handle a wide variety of motorcycle accidents, injuries, and situations, including any of the following:

As difficult as the physical recovery injured riders face can be, they also experience added legal difficulties from insurance companies who attempt to pay riders as little as possible. In the business to collect premiums and limit what they pay in claims, these insurance corporations utilize extensive resources and legal teams to divert liability away from their drivers. They will often capitalize on the negative stereotypes associated with riders, including unsafe speeds and lane splitting, in an attempt to place or shift blame on riders for causing an accident. With aggressive and highly experienced Clearwater motorcycle accident attorneys on your side, you can substantially reduce your risk of being unfairly compensated.

Our Clearwater Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Are Here for You

Having recovered more than $65 million in compensation for the injured victims we represent, our firm has the skills and unwavering commitment needed to handle motorcycle accident claims. We work diligently to combat the efforts of unfeeling insurance companies and strive to provide a sincere level of support to victims and families. When you need results and fair compensation, place your trust in a firm that truly cares about helping you rebuild your life. Contact a Clearwater motorcycle accident lawyer from Roman & Gaynor today.

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