Cate Nease

Cate Nease

Cate Nease joined Roman & Gaynor in 2004. She has more than 25 years of experience as a paralegal. She has specialized in tort law in the areas of personal injury, medical negligence, and chemical exposure. Cate's previous legal work included real estate law, corporate law, office management, and working for the Florida House of Representatives. Her knowledge and abilities encompass case management from the initial contact with a firm client through trial and presently focuses on the firm's cases that are in litigation.

She has attended continuing education seminars and is a certified legal assistant and Florida Registered Paralegal. Cate has the experience, compassion, and attention to detail that this firm values.

She lives with her husband, Dave, in Largo and has two wonderful daughters attending the University of Florida.

Compassionate. Understanding. Resourceful.

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