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Morgan Gaynor

Certified Civil Trial Law Expert with 20+ Years of Experience

Morgan Gaynor was born in Gainesville, Florida, in 1966. He grew up in the Daytona Beach area and earned his Bachelor's degree and law degree from the University of Florida. As a Florida native, he is passionate about helping local residents recover the money they deserve after serious accidents. Morgan began his legal career in Jacksonville in 1992, where he practiced maritime law and complex insurance litigation. Since then, he has tried cases and handled appeals in both state and federal courts. In his 20 years of practice, he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in six and seven-figure personal injury and wrongful death cases. In July of 2003, Morgan joined Mark Roman's personal injury firm in Clearwater, Florida.

At Roman & Gaynor, Morgan continues to concentrate his practice in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, maritime law, and insurance coverage disputes. Morgan practices in all the state trial and appeals courts in Florida, and in all three federal court districts in Florida. He has been certified by The Florida Bar as an expert in Civil Trial Law. This certification is shared by less than 2% of lawyers in the state of Florida. Morgan Gaynor writes a section of the Florida Discovery Practice Handbook, which is used by trial lawyers and judges throughout Florida as a guidebook for handling discovery disputes. He is also a member of the Pasco County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Outside the office, Morgan enjoys endurance sports, music, and travel with his wife and children.

Why Did You Choose to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer?

I became a lawyer for injured people because of the hardships they face. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, and being injured throws their lives into turmoil. They may not be able to pay bills and provide for their families. At the same time, they face an insurance and legal system they can’t understand. Simply put, they need help.

Clients need to know that someone is going to provide that help. When I first meet a client, I usually start by telling them the steps our firm will take to protect their rights. For many people, just knowing we’ll look out for them is a huge relief. They feel much better when they know they won’t have to deal with insurance people on their own.

What Sets Roman & Gaynor Apart from Other Law Firms?

We don’t put case managers between us and our clients. Mark and I communicate directly with our clients. We do this because clients appreciate having “face time” with a lawyer to discuss their concerns. Conversely, they do not like being told that their lawyer is always too busy to talk to them or meet them. We’ve had clients fire other law firms and then come to us, and in most cases, it’s because they never even got to speak to their own lawyer.

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside of the Office?

Outside the office, I enjoy travel with my family, music, and cycling. I am a member of the Pasco Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee for Pasco County. I ride with West Coast Cycling, a local cycling club consisting of bike racers and recreational riders. I am also an active volunteer with the Mitchell High School Band Boosters.

Tell Us About a Case You Are Particularly Proud Of:

I recently took on a case for a woman who had been seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident while she was riding her bicycle. She initially retained a large law firm. Unfortunately, they dumped her as soon as they found out the insurance company was denying coverage and refusing to pay. She was left with large medical bills and was unable to work. Our firm filed a personal injury lawsuit for her with the goal of at least getting her bills paid.

We conducted a thorough investigation and fought numerous court battles to get access to information. Eventually, we uncovered evidence showing the insurance company’s denial of coverage was based on lies. We recovered a settlement for our client and helped get her back on her feet. Even though the case was not one of our largest ones, I was proud that we helped someone who had been abandoned by other lawyers at the first sign of trouble.

What Advice Do You Most Often Give Your Clients?

If I had to give a single piece of advice to an injured person looking for a lawyer, it would be to find one who is willing to put cases in front of a jury. Lawyers who aren’t willing to take that step command little respect from insurance companies. However, being a lawyer is not just about trying to defeat the other side.

Some clients need to go through the court process to get the best result. Others, for reasons personal or financial, may prefer to resolve their cases through negotiation. Some people value their privacy and don’t want the public exposure a lawsuit can bring. It’s critical to listen to each client instead of having a “one size fits all” approach.

Compassionate. Understanding. Resourceful.

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