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Mark Roman

Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with Decades of Experience

Attorney Mark Roman is a certified civil trial lawyer practicing in Pinellas County and Pasco County, Florida. He founded Roman & Gaynor in 1996 out of a passion to help accident victims rebuild their lives. He is a Tampa Bay native, and is passionate about representing the injured in his hometown. He received his undergraduate education from University of Florida College of Journalism in 1981, and after working as a writer for a season, he decided to return to school to pursue his Juris Doctor, which he obtained from Florida State University College of Law in 1986.

Mark has an incredible work ethic. He was born to immigrant parents and worked many blue-collar jobs to pay his way through school. Attorney Mark Roman is one of the few attorneys who has passed the rigorous examination to become Board Certified as an expert in Civil Trial Law. This designation is something that less than 2% of Florida attorneys possess.

Mark has also been rated and recognized time and again for his exceptional representation in the field of personal injury. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, has been listed as one of Tampa Bay's "Top Lawyers," has received a 10/10 "Superb" rating on Avvo, and is rated AV Preeminent™ on Martindale-Hubbell®. He has previously served on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee for Pinellas County and was recently the Chairman of the Florida Bar Grievance Committee in Pasco County.

Why Did You Choose to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer?

I've had the misfortune to live through several life-altering injuries and a serious childhood illness. I know what it's like to be “on the sidelines” unable to live life to the fullest, so I have great empathy for those injured and in pain as a result of someone else’s carelessness. It is very rewarding personally and professionally to help those in need.

I try not to simply be my client’s lawyer, but also a caring friend. I find so many clients in need of moral support, not just legal services. This is especially so when I am entrusted with seeking justice for those who have lost their lives. The survivors need and deserve this kind of close attention. I am honored to be able to provide that for them.

What Makes Roman & Gaynor Different from Other Firms?

As a firm that intentionally limits the number of clients we represent, we provide much more client contact than big, high-volume firms. Our job is to show an insurance company or jury the magnitude of our client’s loss. If we didn’t meet and get to know our client, we doubt we could be as effective in explaining these losses. Our clients meet and get to know not just our support staff, but also myself and my partner. We don’t just work hard for everything our clients deserve, we truly care about them and their lives, and we want them to return to a full and healthy life.

What Advice Do You Most Often Give Your Clients?

First, never speak with an insurance company. Never. Only after you have an attorney can you make contact safely, and it’s done through me. Insurance companies are definitely not your friend. Second, do everything you can to obtain a cure for your injuries, if one is possible. Listen to your doctors and do what they recommend.

Life is too short to live in chronic pain and limitation. People can and do recover from many of their injuries, but I am there for you when we find out what part of these injuries will never go away. That is when we can be more certain about how to proceed. Some cases are settled. Some are destined for a courtroom.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Being an Attorney?

Helping people get what they deserve and making a difference in their lives is extremely rewarding. I can’t tell you what it means to have great testimonials. Wonderful clients saying nice things makes it all worthwhile.

Tell Us About a Case You Are Particularly Proud Of:

I recently obtained more than $4,000,000 from a Brevard County jury for a client who was struck from behind by a driver for a car dealership. He collided with her so hard that three cars were totaled. The insurance company for the dealership treated her badly, doubting the seriousness of her injuries, which included a brain injury.

They followed her with private investigators for 82 hours, adding to her suffering. She felt like she was being stalked. It took three and a half years of litigation and the defendants refused to accept liability until we arrived in court for the trial. The only meaningful offer to settle came during the trial. The offer was $1,000,000.

I know many personal injury attorneys would have accepted it. We refused. Our client had suffered too much. The jury agreed. I take pride in proving insurance companies wrong. They are huge, powerful and have unlimited resources. I like getting a great result for the underdog against the bullies of the insurance industry.

What Is the First Thing You Do When You Take on a New Case?

When I walk into a meeting to meet a new client, I treat it like a job interview. But I’m the one interviewing for the job. I spend time getting to know the person I am going to represent. It’s very important. Then, I explain the law involved in their case so they leave with a solid education about what we can, and can’t do for them. I explain the steps in the process of handling a personal injury case properly, as well as the timeframes involved.

These meetings tend to run long and cover a lot of ground. Obviously, we talk in great detail about the event that brought them to come to me, how it happened and what the injuries seem to be. Once I know they are in good hands medically, and that they are on the road to recovery from the injuries, I will begin a thorough investigation of the case and report back to the client as soon as possible with the results of that investigation.

How Do You View Your Role in the Attorney-Client Relationship?

First, it’s a relationship of trust. We must establish a good rapport. It’s mutual. We need to trust each other. That only comes with time and communication. My role is to deliver excellence but also to make sure expectations are reasonable. When we start out on the right foot, everything goes much smoother. Other than that, my role is to achieve the greatest financial result possible with the facts and evidence we have to work with.

Compassionate. Understanding. Resourceful.

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