February 2011 Blog Posts

Blog Posts in February, 2011

  • Safety: A Point Everyone's Missing In The Public Transportation Debate

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 28-Feb-2011

    Floridians, particularly those in the Tampa Bay area, have heard a lot about Governor Rick Scott’s rejection of federal money for a bullet train between Orlando and Tampa. Scott cited the potential cost to Florida in rejecting the money. His opponents, on the other hand, have said the death of the project will prevent jobs from being created in the local economy. What almost never gets ...
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  • Don't Believe Big Business Propaganda About Florida's Civil Justice System

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 16-Feb-2011

    Florida’s new governor, Rick Scott, is on the warpath against our civil justice system. Fully supporting Scott’s proposed tort reforms is an organization called the Florida Justice Reform Institute. The Institute’s title makes it sound like an academic think tank. It is not. The Institute was formed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce in 2005. It claims that its mission includes ...
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