Roman & Gaynor: 2012 Personal Injury Blogs

  • Bar Issues Scathing Report on Medical / Legal Referral Services

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 5-Sep-2012

    In the last few years, they’ve been impossible to avoid: an onslaught of radio ads, TV ads, and billboards for companies calling themselves medical/legal referral services. These companies promise to arrange medical care and legal consultations for people involved in auto accidents. Because of concerns about how these companies operate and the claims they make, the Florida Bar recently ...
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  • Texting and Legal Fault: Not just for Drivers Anymore?

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 9-Jul-2012

    By now, many people have heard about the dangers of texting and driving. But it’s not just driving and messaging that could land you in hot water. In a recent case in New Jersey, a lawyer attempted to take the law into a new area. He argued that not only a texting driver, but a person exchanging messages with that texting driver, should be held responsible for a serious car accident. The ...
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  • Florida Appeals Court Averts A Catch-22 And A Miscarriage Of Justice

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 8-Jun-2012

    At the end of April, an appeals court in South Florida decided a personal injury case squarely in favor of the parent-child relationship. In doing so, it avoided putting the mother and her injured daughter into an incomprehensible catch-22. Claire’s Boutiques v. Locastro began as a seemingly straightforward negligence case. Amy Locastro took her 13-year-old daughter, Alexis, to a ...
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  • The Cram Down: When The Money Available Isn't Enough

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 30-Apr-2012

    Many people have an image of personal injury lawyers fighting for verdicts before juries in court. Undoubtedly, that is a critical part of what we do. But there is another less glamorous but equally important role we can play: helping with the inadequate settlement. It’s no secret that many people driving in Florida have inadequate insurance for injuries they cause to others. Some drivers ...
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