May 2011 Blog Posts

  • The Fine Print Matters: Be Wary Of Consumer Contracts

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 24-May-2011

    We’ve all had the experience. When we do something like buy a car, hire a lawn service, or get a cell phone plan, we first find out the price. After we agree to the price, we’re told we have to sign a lengthy contract which a salesperson assures is just “a formality” or “paperwork.” But the truth is that many consumer contracts are not just formalities. They are ...
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  • Florida Legislature V. Florida Court System: The Power Struggle Behind The Bills

    Posted By Roman & Gaynor || 5-May-2011

    [W]e set up the courts. We can unset the courts. –Tom Delay, Former House Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives Delay obviously didn’t like courts. He made this comment even before he was convicted in court of money laundering and sentenced to prison. A similar contempt for courts appears to be the common thread running through several bills recently proposed here in Florida. ...
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